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World Time Zone Map Section # 15 with current time (12 HOUR FORMAT)
Latitude range: 25°N - 20°S;    Longitude range: 112.5°E - 172.5°W
Change Time mode: 12 hours (AM/PM) or 24 hours.
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UTC+8 UTC+9 UTC+10 UTC+11 UTC+12 UTC-12
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UTC+8 +9 UTC+9:30 UTC+10 UTC+11 UTC+12 UTC+13
(Timor-Leste time zones map, Philippines time zones map, Brunei time zones map, Indonesia time zones map, Moluccas time zones map, Sulawesi time zones map, Bali time zones map, Denpasar time zones map, Kalimantan time zones map, Papua New Guinea time zones map, West Papua Indonesia time zones map, Asia time zones map, northern Australia time zones map, Cairns time zone, Broome time zone, Darwin time zone, Dili time zone, Palau time zones map, Marshall Islands time zones map, Majuro time zones map, Tarawa time zones map, Kiribati time zones map, Tuvalu time zones map, Wallis and Futuna time zones map, Tonga time zones map, Fiji time zones map, Solomon Islands time zones map, Vanuatu time zones map, Nauru time zones map, Northern Mariana Islands time zones map, Guam time zones map, Koror time zones map, Micronesia time zones map, Yap time zones map, Chuuk time zones map, Palikir time zones map, Kosrae time zones map, Taiwan time zones map, Macao time zones map, Hong Kong time zones map, China time zones map, International Date Line).


Global System for Mobile communications (GSM)- most popular standard for Mobile phones in the world. GSM service is used in more than 210 countries and territories.

GSM World Coverage Map- GSM Country List

World Time Zone Map Store
World Time Zone Beach Towels or Sarong
World Time Zone Map Store
World Time Zone Beach Towels or Sarong

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