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    Gert van Wijk
  • Doing business worldwide, this site is a MUST !!
    Woerden, Netherlands
    Nicole Kidman
  • I love this website. truth be told, I have a hobby about time zones. Also with family back in Australia when I'm in the US, it's quite useful. Wouldn't want to wake someone up one o'clock in the mourning...Thanx for the sight.
    Melbourne, Australia
    Sport TV (Luis Braz)
  • I'm in the satellite coordination dep. of SportTv. This is by far the best WTZ site i've ever seen. Congratulations and keep up the good work!
    Lisboa, Portugal
    International Basketball Federation (FIBA) (Anicet Lavodrama)
  • Very useful for our work. Grateful that you have it. It is consise and very Detailed. All the best.
    Bangui, Central African Republic - Geneva, Switzerland
    Parliament of Australia (Mark Redenbach)
  • A very useful and easu-to-use tool which I will recommend to our federal politicians Thank you for your hard work and good luck Mark Redenbach Asst Project Manager Remote & Mobile Computing Parliament House Canberra, Australia
    Canberra, Australia
    Miss World - 1994, Bollywood film industry (Aishwarya Rai)
  • Thanks a lot for this amazing site. I really need something like this when i travel around the world for shoots. The feature i love the most is the Sun Clock. Its absolutely awesome. Thanks once again!!!
    India - New York City
    David Stanley-author of travel guides to the Pacific Islands. He visited 175 countries and territories.
  • Your Oceania time zones map is excellent! I'll link it to my own website as soon as I can.
    Guelph, Canada
    Renee Fleming, soprano (Celebrities reveal their favorite Websites for quality time online- February/March 2004 issue of ELLE DECOR magazine)
    I use this web site whenever I'm on the road performing, so I can figure out what time to call my children back home before they go to bed.

    ELLE DECOR magazine, February/March 2004
    International Space Station Mission Control (Steven E. Johnson)
  • I work for the International Space Station Program in Houston, Texas, USA. With international partners in Russia, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, as well as various NASA centers across the United States, it is essential for me to have a good grasp on the local time almost every where in the world. In particular, I work as a flight controller in Mission Control - Houston, and my team coordinates with Mission Control - Moscow. Therefore, most of the mission times we use are based on GMT. Also, the Space Shuttle Program timelines are also based on GMT. Here in Houston, are in the Sierra time zone.
    Houston, Texas, USA
    Steve Fossett- Around The World Solo Balloon Flight (Steve Fossett)
  • Congratulations with this piece of work, btw where is Antartica ?? keep up the good work !! I'll log on this site by satellite on my next tour around the globe on a balloon :)
    The Hague, Netherlands
    Michael Philipson (Site found via: Maths Quest book for year 11 students)
  • I'd just like to thank you for setting up this wonderfull site. I have the Maths Quest book for year 11 students and this site has helped me a great deal.
    Brisbane, Australia
    Graham Arnott
  • As a travel business it is ideal for us to be able to know the time of day in different countries quickly and easily.
    London, England - Comrie, Scotland
    Will Coetzer
  • I am an internatiional recruiter, and your site provides swift access to much needed time zone related information. Thanks!
    Cape Town, South Africa - London, UK
    Charlotte Dittmer
  • With friends spread out all over the world, from Vegas and NYC to Nanjing, Perth and Brisbane your site have protected all those people dear to me from being woken up in the middle of the night by a phone call on numerous occasions! THANK YOU on their behalf (and mine)!
    London, England
    Mark Turner
  • Great site for knowledge about timezones, helps me when I have to speak to friends abroad.
    Windsor, England - London, England
    Quantum Corporation (Derrick Thompson)
  • This is a great site to get time information.
    San Diego, USA
    Andrew Jobson
  • Fantastic site, soon on vacation in the US and Hawaii, as I needed to look up the differences in time.
    London, England - Sunderland, England
    David Leonhardt
  • This is the type of site that is what the Internet is all about. Time zones, world weather, currency exchange ... things that bring the world together.
    Chesterville, Canada
    Keith Mulray (Site found via a link from our corporate website)
  • Looks good.
    Sydney, Australia
    Judith Bradbury (Site found via: through Google - you were top!!!)
  • Your site was absolutely what I needed to find in a great hurry, and you enabled me to do that! The navigation and ease of use on this site is ACE and I'll be using it again and again... You are in my favourites list already and would love to have a reciprocal link to you! it would be great for our clients and suppliers alike!
    Helston, Cornwall, United Kingdom
    Juliette Taylor
  • If I owned a business, I would definitely use this site for advertising.
    Ponte Vedra Beach, USA
    Britney Spears
  • This is a great site to see what times I have to get up in the morning for all my concerts all over the world! Keep up the good work!
    Toronto, Canada
    Justin Timberlake
  • Cool site. I use it for my trips to see what time it is in the country I am at the moment. For all my fans, I love you Justin
    Tampa Bay, USA
    Matt Robertson
  • Without a doubt this is the best time zone site on the Web. A must if you work with people across the globe. My heartfelt thanks go out to Alexander Krivenyshev for providing this service!
    Fresno, California, USA
  • I have been using this site for more than 18 months to manage different time zones for my international students that I teach. It is my standard and will always be on top of my favorites list.
    Yokosuka, Japan
  • This site is awesome! My husband is serving with the Army in Iraq and this web site helped me know the time where he is. It has made it easier to explain to our son what Daddy may be doing at any given time in relation to what we are doing in our daily routine. Thank you so much!
    Fort Campbell, KY, USA
    Dr. Ross du Clair
  • Fantastic site. We will be using it for constant reference during our news coverage of the war against Iraq. Our station is KFBK-AM 1530 KHz.
    Sacramento, California, USA
    Marius Gunning
  • As a pilot I like to address my deepest condolences to the families and friends of the COLUMBIA CREW who dies so far from Earth ?? Their soles rest in peace and thanks for the jobs done.
    Goes, the Netherlands
    Betty Duffield
  • The tragedy of the loss of lives of the Columbia Space Crew has shaken the world. My sympathy along with all the residents of Nacogdoches, Texas and surrounding East Texas Counties goes out to all the crew members families and loved ones. As we continue to find debris on playgrounds and in the neighborhoods it is my hope that an answer to this tragedy will someday be found and our hearts may began to heal. May God Bless Us All.
    Nacogdoches, Texas, USA
    Bob Setterfield
  • Thanks for the great service. With all that's going on in the world is great to be able to have easy access to the various time zones. All in Australia send their heart fell sympathies to Americans. What happened on the 11th of September is a despicable act. I can't wait to wake up from this horrible nightmare. Please tell me it isn't true. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Sincerely, Bob
    Gold Coast, Australia
    Boeing (Bob Goodman)
  • This is a very useful web site for me. I support many sites world wide for the Boeing Commercial Airplane Group in Seattle Washinton USA. It is difficult for me to remeber time calculations quickly. We also have a joint business venture with Illushin going right now. Our group supports a Boeing office in Moscow. I have not visited Russia yet but I hope to some day. If you ever come to the US Seattle area send me an E-Mail and I will try to get a Boeing manufacturing plant tour arranged for you...just let me know... This site is a very big help to me... very good work... Best Regards...Bob Goodman
    Seattle, Washington USA
    National Defense University (H. Tucker)
  • Good information. I'll use with my classes.
    Washington D.C., USA
    Operation Enduring Freedom (SrA Dennis Young Combat Photographer)
  • I am currently deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, and I have friends around the world and this site is such a great help to keep in touch with them. Thanks for an awesome site.
    Southeast Asia, classified
    Help for, CNN Interactive (Jenna Milly, Associate Editor)
  • CNN.COM is working on a millennium special section. We are interested in talking to you about your main map at . We would be happy to provide a courtesy and a link to your page. Thanks in advance for your time.
    Atlanta, GA, USA
    USA Today newspaper (Boots Rykiel, USA Today Content Development Director)
  • I often use your site, but this is the first time I've signed your guest book. Figured I owed you that for this fun resource. I always check the clock when I'm about to travel, or to check on friends in other parts of the U.S. and world.
    Annapolis, MD, USA
    Lockheed Martin (Edward Covey)
  • Nice site, lots to see
    King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, USA
    Rockwell International (Rockwell Automation) (Elissa Battenfield)
  • This site has been extremely helpful to me!
    Wayland, MI, USA
    Yokota Air Base, Japan (Jim Mutchler)
  • I support a fleet of aircraft from this location, knowing what the time is where these aircraft are at is a must. Thanks for the site!
    Yokota AB, Japan
    International Space Station (Robert Lewis)
  • This site was immediately bookmarked, and I am sure will be used quite often in my day to day work!
    Houston, TX, USA
    NASA at Johnson Space Center (Frank Willett)
  • Been working with Parson's Technology on an apparent Atomic Clock 4.0 problem I/they have (displaying world times). Work with NASA at Johnson Space Center and your page is wonderful. Will bookmark & thanks.
    Houston, TX, USA
    Marshall Space Flight Center (NASA) (Deborah Gaudin)
  • Great Site !!!
    New Orleans, USA
    SETI Institute (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) (Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer)
  • Alex, I am trying to find the time zones for my eclipse trip to Romania. It's a great site!
    Mountain View, CA, USA
    Disney (Marc Whittemore)
  • Rarely- no in fact NEVER do I take the time to sign guest books. But I had to stop here for a moment and tell you what a nice job you did with your Time/Map page. Best regards, from Marc and the mouse
    Los Angles, USA
    USTRANSCOM, Global Transportation Network (GTN), Department of Defense (Thomas P. Schwind)
  • Being in the military, the phone calls I receive about aircraft and what time they will arrive at there location, most people what to know the local time the A/C will arrive. This will give them the oppertunity to pass this info to their point of contact.
    Albers, Illinios, USA
    USS BONHOMME RICHARD (LHD-6), NAVY (Christropher Graham)
  • This is a very helpful site. I am in the navy and as alot of people know we travel alot and go through many timezones. it is helpful when we are in the Pacific and need to get the time in Washington. Thank you for a great idea and page
    San Diego, CA, USA
    Boeing (Marc Villeneuve)
  • Thie site is very useful. I send messages to other parts of the world and it is good to know at what time they receive it.
    Arnprior, Canada
    Casey Station, Australian Antarctic Territory (Sarah Richards)
  • Checking in from Casey Station, Australian Antarctic Territory. Great site.
    Casey Station, Antarctica
    Peace Corps headquarters (Timothy D. Persons)
  • Greetings from Peace Corps headquarters
    Washington, D.C., USA
    National Oceanographic Data Center (NOAA) (Jim Berger)
  • Thank you for the leads to ocean sites. I haven't had much time to review all of them, but I like what I have seen so far. I just got back from travel, and am playing catchup. When I have more time, I will get back to you with more comments. Thanks, Jim
    Silver Spring MD (just outside Washington, D.C.), USA
    U.S. House of Representatives (Tim Wood- R)
  • Thanks for creating this website. Very informative!!
    Washington, D.C., USA
    Los Alamos National Laboratory (Ron McFee)
  • Nice work.
    Los Alamos, NM, USA
    National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)- National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information service (LaShawn Baylor)
  • Very interested. I will let my friends know about this website. Keep up the good work.
    Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Environmental Technology Division, The Department of Energy (Ann Fillion)
  • A very useful web site that I will forward to my colleagues! Thank you very much for sharing this, and for your kind permission to link to it!
    Richland, WA, USA
    U.S. Bureau of Reclamation (CHRIS ROMERO)
    Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) (David McDuff)
  • Thanks, we run a global wide area network and refer to your world time zone map regularly.
    Oklahoma City, OK, USA
    Center for Devices and Radiological Health, U.S. Food and Drug Administration (Gail Strieter)
  • Nice web site!
    Rockville, USA
    Australia Department of Defence (Grant.Dickson)
  • Well done. You would be suprised if you knew where I access this site from. Australia is such a huge country but we can link up where ever we are. Hope you get support to continue this page.
    Sydney, Australia
    UK Patent Office (Mike Hewlett)
  • I always use this map to check local US time vs local UK time, always up and always right.
    Newport, Gwent, UK
    Economic Geology Research Institute-Hugh Allsopp Laboratory (Marc Poujol)
  • Thanks for that page, it's very usefull !!!!
    Johannesburg, South Africa
    Shell company (Martijn van Hasselt )
  • I work in The Netherlands for an IT department of a large oil company, rendering services to as diverse places as Ghana, Ethiopia, Singapore, Malaysia, Syria etc. Communication has become much more structured and surveyable since I've found your site. I'm using it multiple times daily! Thanks! Great job!
    The Hague, The Netherlands
    Kennedy Space Center, NASA (Kenyatta Hughes)
  • As a Buyer in the Procurement Department, it's my job to wake up the sales representatives to quote prices on items. You couldn't possible understand how much of a drag it was to change the time zones on my computer. To tell you the truth I think my PC is confused about what time zone it really is! Those days are over thanks to This page is a winner and it's definitley going on my desktop! You'r an arthiritis saver! Kenyatta
    Kennedy Space Center, Fl, USA
    Johnson & Johnson (Elaine Gargel)
  • I work in the International department of a pharmaceutical company and find your site very helpful!
    Fort Washington, USA
    AT&T Wireless (Wendy Saballos)
  • I work with INT wireless services. I can not tell you how fast my department saved this in our favorites. It is very helpful to have this information available when you are trying to reach someone for technical support, but do not want to wake them up.
    Miami, USA
    Jordanian Astronomical Society(JAS) (Mohammad Odeh)
  • Dear Alexander "Sasha", I liked ur home page. I think it is very useful, as well as well-designed. Wish u more success. Best Wishes Moh'd
    Fedforce- Federal Employees News Digest, Inc. (Stephen E. Young, President)
  • What a great site! I wanted to find out the current local time in Iraq, just after the start of the current military action, and after a very brief Yahoo! search, went right to your website where all of my questions (and more!) were answered. Your maps are a great tool and I plan on using them extensively, as I travel a great deal. Thank you for providing everyone with such a wonderful web site.
    Reston, Virginia, USA
    Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom (Joachim Otto Habeck)
  • Hi Sasha, Best regards from Oliver Merrington, Joachim Otto Habeck and other members of the Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom. I find your page very very useful as our group is doing research in various parts of Siberia. Information about time zones in the Russian Federation is often incorrect, for some regions decided to switch from one zone to another. I also worked as telephone operator in Berlin for many years. Even the people in the central telephone switchboard of Moscow did not know the time in places like Altay or Verkhoyansk. Anyway, I am very intrigued by the title of your directory: why is it called Tunguska? I travelled to the N izhnyaya Tunguska in 1993 and 1995 for field research among the Evenki people. Check our institute's pages on Evenkia and Sakha (Yakutia). All the best, Otto
    American Satellite Gateway Station (Inno Kastner)
  • I am operator at an American Satellite Gateway Station in Germany. Our time reference is UTC, but as we are operating worldwide your site is very usefull to get the local times of our overseas stations. Regards
    Munich, Germany
    NASA Ames Research Center, NASA Surface Office (Yuri Gawdiak)
  • Great Site!
    San Francisco, CA, USA
    Boeing (Dennis R. Swihart)
  • Nice web site, very informative. I visited it several times during my shift at the computer help center today
    Seattle , Washington, USA
    Alicia Keys (singer, R&B and Soul)
  • Ive been lookin 4 dis info! Thanks!
    UK, America
    United States Marine Corps, Okinawa (Michael Diamond)
  • Hi- Thanks for the great site. I'm an American Marine stationed in Japan, and the site is quite useful for cooridinating my communications with the US and my friends all over the world. I appreciate having the information at my fingertips.
    Okinawa, Japan
    Virginia Agricultural Experiment Station (Patricia Hutton)
  • Your map is just great! I am real pleased to have found it.
    Blacksburg, VA, USA
    Waldorf-Astoria Hotel (Eric Sofield)
  • We use this site at the Concierge Desk of The Waldorf = Astoria Hotel in New York City. What a great tool! This is one of the best sites on the Internet! Thank you Mr. Krivenyshev
    New York City, USA
    UFO RESOURCE CENTER (Christopher Montgomery- UFORCE International Director, US
    Dave Cosnette- UFORCE International Director, UK)
  • I was browsing around looking for an international time zone map, and I came across this place...WorldTimeZone! I am with UFORCE=UFO RESOURCE CENTER and we are an International UFO reporting organization, with offices presently in the UK, US and Canada...we would like to expand our borders and establish out-posts in many different areas of the world...interested in joining UFORCE? Come and visit our humble site, find out what we are about...get the latest UFO news....and UFO UFO reports. Thank you, what a beautiful site...all we've got is time to explore the mysteries of is nice to know what time it is in London, or Ireland when it is 3:00 pm PST! Thanks for the great links, please, let me know if I can link to your international map for my UFO Investigators who are mobile...Thanks! ~Chris
    Film Maker (Senthil Kumar)
  • This site provided me with a service that was just perfect for my needs. My client from Belgium wanted to call me and he related only to GMT. I had to do this, and it worked. Thank you very much, indeed. - Senthil Kumar, film maker.
    Los Angeles, USA
    Aluma Tower Company (Ted Gottry, Vice President)
  • Thans for a very useful web site. Just what we need in transacting our international business.
    Vero Beach, Florida, USA
    Australian Investment Research Services (Ross McInnes, Director Research)
  • Pretty good maps.
    Sydney, Australia
    Naval Air Station Fallon (Ernie)
  • I am US Marine deployed overseas. Saw the guestbook and had to say hello. Just want the people of this country to know that their fighting men and women are ready to deliver the justice Pres. Bush promised. Mr. President, just point us in a direction and say the word. We are ready.
    Fallon NV, America the Beautiful
    Rotary International (Ron Laughlin)
  • Your site has been an integral hotlink since its inception on out Rotary site. Rotary is a worldwide community and it helps to have a time aspect for all of the 1.2 million of us scattered around the world. Thank you.
    Wellington, New Zealand
    Flight attendant (Jackie Mostyn)
  • As a flight attendant, I appreciate this useful tool being available. Thank you.
    Spring, Texas, USA
    World cruising sailors (Steve Leeds)
  • We are world cruising sailors, and find ourselves confused frequently about time zones and the international dateline. Your website really will help.
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
    International sports fans (Erwin Graber)
  • Your site is of great use for all the international sports fans all over the world
    Sao Paulo / Brazil
    Indiana Univ. Kelley School- Global Business Information Network (Greg Kitzmiller, Co-Director)
  • This map is extremely useful. As someone who studies global issues and travels I frequently need to check time zones! This is a great source! Thanks.
    Bloomington, IN, USA
    Professional basketball player (Hoff)
  • I played professional Basketball in many different countries and your website has been a very important tool for my profession. I used in daily for business. Great idea!!!!
    Oregon, USA
    Astronomer (David Hodgson)
  • As an astronomer world time is important in observing sky events! Thank you for an exceelent Time Site!
    Courtenay, Cananda
    Oil production platform in the North Sea (David Iosson)
  • Greetings from an oil production platform in the North Sea. An excellent site for me to see at a glance the times in the rest of the world.
    In the North Sea, UK
    Department of Labor - Mine Safety and Health Administration (Melody)
  • This is a very effective and helpful website. I found the information I needed quickly and easily.
    Beaver, WV, USA
    Port Augusta City Council (Jayne Roberts)
  • Have many friends overseas now and can never remember time zones etc. This site makes it so easy to see where they are at, and what the weather is like! (if I wish to go visit some day).
    Port Augusta, Australia
    Macao Government, China (Philip Wong)
  • Great Time!!!
    Macao, Macao SAR (China)
    California Secretary of State (Larry Gennett)
  • Thanks, I needed that
    Sacramento, USA
    U.S. Army, Hawaii (Kimberly D. Nash)
  • I am the Adjutant for an Army Battalion located in Hawaii. We have soldiers deployed throughout the Pacific area. Thanks to this web site I am able to quickly and accurately identify the time for any location. This allows me to contact them during their shift hours. Thanks for a great site: Kimberly D. Nash, CPT, Transportation, U.S. Army
    Wahiwa, Hawaii, USA
    Boeing (Tim Murphy)
  • Nice,useful page. Thanks
    Seattle, USA
    Solar eclipse coverage (John Voorheis)
  • Your map is an excellent resource in providing local times and their offset to UT. I'm getting ready for Web coverage of today's eclipse. With excitement I might add.
    Indiana, USA
    Antarctic News,, (Brendon Grunewald)
  • This is a useful site, wish I had found it earlier. Antarctica (off your map at the bottom) is the only continent that has all the timezones, and stations usually choose the timezone that suites their work shedule best. Perhaps you may like to include a few Antarctic stations in your map or lists. You can find a list of Antarctic stations on the Antarctic News and info site:
    Wolf Blitzer- anchor of CNN's Wolf Blitzer Reports and Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer
  • Your clocks all show 01-01-100 today...(Y2K)
    Atlanta, GA, USA
    Washington Post newspaper (Richard J. Ricard, Jr. )
  • Your site was featured in the travel section of today's Washington Post newspaper as a handy website for (armchair) travelers. Thanks for a good web resource.
    Washington, DC, USA
    Adelaide Advertiser newspaper (Peter Anderson)
  • Your site was promoted in our local newspaper. Quote "As a simple soul I prefer those which show me very simply where it is day and night. This is an absolute favourite clock". Adelaide Advertiser. Circulation approx 300.000
    Adelaide, Australia
    Clipperton Island 1000 miles off Mexico's coast (Francois Garrigue)
  • I am living here on small Clipperton Island 1000 miles off Mexico's coast on a tuna station. Greetings to metropolitan France!
    Clipperton, Clipperton Island (fr.)
    Antarctica, "Welcome to The Ice!!!" (Robert Holems)
  • Hello from Antarctica!!!!
    Total eclipse of the sun (Grady Haverkamp)
  • We are 3 hours away from a total eclipse of the sun it is good to see when it is going to occur. Thanks.
    Maputo, Mozambique
    Western Newspapers, Inc. (Teresa)
  • Greetings from the Grand Canyon state. Interesting website you have here. Keep up the good work. Teresa - Webmaster, Western Newspapers, Inc.
    Northern Arizona, US
    Texas Waterways magazine (Terry Hammonds)
  • This page provides needed information to readers of my online trade magazine, Texas Waterways, an intenet magazine for the Texas shipping industry.
    Victoria, Texas, USA
    Junior Olympics Wrestling Team in Sydney (Anastacia Mora)
  • Thanks! I used your website to look up an Australian time zone. My nephew is currently competing in the International Down Under games for the Junior Olympics Wrestling Team in Sydney. This helped my family stay a little closer to him and easily follow his itinery.
    Phoenix, USA
    Telco Systems (Jase Collins)
  • Thanks, I work in a network operations center for a large Telco and frequently need to call over the world. This is the best timezone info page i have found. Well done.
    Brussels, Belgium
    Peace Corps in Africa (Kirsten Franklin)
  • It's tough being in Peace Corps and never knowing what time it is back in the United States. Thanks for helping me out. We're a little out of touch over here.
    Libreville, Gabon
    U.S. Department of Justice (Terry Reece)
  • I have nothing to say.
    Washington D.C., USA
    Federal Aviation Administration (Doug Whitson)
  • Awsome!!! but I can't seem to get a decent printout. Is there a secret to it? I would love to have a color print of the world time map.
    Washington, DC, USA
    World Bank (Rob Varley)
  • Very useful and easy to use. You deserve to be rewarded for creating this public good!!
    Washington DC, USA
    U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Geological Survey (Alan Cooper)
  • Excellent site, with helpful information! Thanks.
    California, USA
    Philippine Department of Environment and Natural Resources (Gary L Roberson)
  • Christian Raymond B. Zalameda
    Nigeria Government, Corporate Affairs Commission (Emmanuel Ekong)
  • A very good informative site
    Abuja, Nigeria
    Government of Ontario, Management Board Secretariat (Helen Gourley)
  • Time zones are freaky! To think that one country is preparing dinner while the other is just getting up and thinking about breakfast. What a strange little planet we live on.
    Toronto, Canada
    California Department of Corporations (Peter)
  • Very helpful. Thanks
    San Francisco, USA
    New York State Education Department (L Van Alstyne)
  • I love maps
    Albany, NY, USA
    Tom Cruise (actor)
  • Hey this is a great i gotta tell ya. I use it all the time when traveling to other countries when i'm making films.Its one of the closest to being in real time i've saw! Thank You Tom Cruise
    San Diego, California, USA
    National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) (Carrita Morris)
  • Thank you for such a good and fairly precise web site.
    Juneau, Alaska, USA
    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Joan Whitehead)
  • Very informative site!
    Livermore, CA, USA
    U.S. General Services Administration (Eugenia Norals)
  • A great tool for travelers on business and pleasure. Just what I have been looking for, and believe me I have searched the internet.
    Chicago, USA
    Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology (Dr. Sam Zhang)
  • Very helpful.
    PeopleSoft Inc. (Gary L Roberson)
  • Great tool when you work for an international company and need to be in contact with other departments around the world.
    Melbourne, Australia
    Proline- medical orthopaedic and sporting Limb Supports (Patrick)
  • Thank you for a great service. As a UK postmaster for the Proline websites, I very often receive e-mail from customers worldwide, expecting an early response by assuming that our offices in the UK are open - albeit in the middle of the night. Since discovering your web-site - all I now need to do is copy 'n' paste the relevant URL into the response e-mail stating - Current time in UK is:- enabling them to see at anytime the GMT business hours and current time. In addition - if customer's in another country are expecting a telephone response, I can also point our own departments to the relevant worltimezone URL, in order that our staff may contact them at a time convenient to their local area. - Thanks again ! Pat.
    Cardiff - Wales, UK
    World Koshiki Karate Federation (Bill Nusz)
  • This site is great. I am with the World Koshiki Karate Federation, talking with people is 60 countries. This is now on my Favorites list. Thank you!
    Reisterstown, MD, USA
    American Music Abroad group (Rosemary Cinquanti)
  • My daughter is traveling throughout Europe during the month of July with an American Music Abroad group. This helps me keep track of what time it is and when she may call us. Thanks for your help!
    Amsterdam - NY, USA
    Documentary film companies (Daniel Gomez)
  • As a Researcher for documentary film companies this site has been extremely useful. I have to arrange travels all over the world, and contact people and crews over the phone all the time. The site is great and I wish you all the best in your serach for financial support. Congratulations and thanks for your excellent service worlwide!
    Bristol, United Kingdom
    Classic Yacht Association (George Homenko)
  • Use you page all the time. Have given it to all my friends.
    Forestville, CA, USA
    Fortune 500 Aerospace (Jennifer Kamp)
  • I work for a Fortune 500 Aerospace company with locations worldwide. This information is very useful in scheduling meetings with our leadership from around the globe. One of the most important features is the fact that itís incredibly user friendly - something I found similar sites lack! Thank you!
    California, USA
    Edgar Cayce's Association For Research in Enlightenment (A.R.E. Center)
  • Test your E.S.P.,Study Intuition,Research, Search for God Chat, Massage School,Metaphysics,Jesus Christ and Christ Consciousness and much much more.
    Virginia Beach, USA (Rajee Suri, Senior Producer)
  • We at are creating a timezone map for our millennium coverage. We were wondering if we could get an illustrator file of your map. We would obviously courtesy it appropriately and provide a link back to your site. Would appreciate your response as soon as possible on this.
    Atlanta, GA, USA

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