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Europe Interactive Time Zones Map Converter- Convert time from a global location to view corresponding Europe time zones

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49,000 pages around the world, including the Library of Congress, NASA, IBM, Samsung Electronics, and National Geographic Traveler maintain links into has received the attention of prestigious national and international media outlets such as: BBC World radio, USA Today, International Herald Tribune, and The Sunday Times. MSNBC and CNN used for global coverage of the events leading up to the millennium celebration and Boeing uses the site for internal training purposes.

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What separates from other sites is the unique ability to display time/and time differences around the World in a very simple, interactive, informative and visually easy-to-view time manner.

Presented on maps for specific regional locations (World, USA, Europe, Australia, Asia) in both 12-hour (am/pm) format and 24-hour format, provides local time for over 35,000 locations (representing all countries) around the World.

The pages of are packed full of useful tools and information including: International Call Planner, Interactive Time Map, Daylight Saving Time Map, Sun Clock, World Clock, a section dedicated to World Time News, FAQs and additional facts related to world time.

  • World Clock: For users who want to know the local time in over 35,000 locations worldwide without using the maps, provides text-based current, local time information. Additionally, from the drop down menu under World Clock, users can select from a pre-set list that displays a table sorted by Capitals around the world, Geographic region, or Standard list of locations around the world.

  • International Call Planner: Users can choose the time/date for their main local time zone/location and select up to 3 worldwide locations to see the corresponding time in each of the selected locations

  • Interactive Time Map: Users can choose date/time for locations worldwide and see what time it will be in another main location depicted on a worldwide map

  • Daylight Saving Time Map: At a glance, users can view a consistently updated world map of countries that observe Daylight Saving Time in year 2009.

  • Sun Clock: Users can track the path of the sun as it crosses the Earth showing the day and night regions across the planet.

  • World Time News: Time Zones, rules, and Daylight Saving Time rules are ever-changing. constantly researches, validates, and implements these rule changes, providing you current information in a single location in the news section.

  • Frequently Asked Questions: The FAQ page contains unique and interesting (sometimes confusing) facts about global time / time zones. continue to be a trusted global resource that constantly researches and presents up to the minute local time layered over global/regional maps of locations around the globe.

Many world watches, atlases, and some time-related software applications are often inaccurate due to the fact that rules governing time change so quickly and updates distribute global time information as immediately as

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